Honeycomb Services (HS)

Honeycomb Services (HS)

An Corporate type alliance of Politics and war game.

    Preamble of HS



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    Preamble of HS

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    We,do hereby ordain this Constitution for the alliance of Honeycomb Services (HS).

    Motto:" Welfare is the key of development"


    ● We declare that we are conscious of our responsibilities towards People,

    1. To uphold and develop the democracy,

    2. To safeguard the freedom and security of our member nations,

    3. To make sure the equality of all under the law.

    We declare of provide the alliance Honeycomb Services (HS) a constitution which provides the Executive Board, the Board of Directors and the Chief Executing officers, all of which must be best suited to the traditions of the alliance.

    BE THE CONSTITUTION THEREFORE ENACTED​ by the founder of Honeycomb Services (HS), as follows:

    PART A


    1. Honeycomb Services (HS), consisting of all the member nations under the said banner, shall exist as a constitutional Corporate.

    2. The Official Language of Honeycomb Services (HS) is/will be English.

    3. The rules of Honeycomb Services (HS) shall protect the rights of all members of the alliance and firmly

    prohibit the application of bias against any of them.

    (a) All the Rules of Honeycomb Services (HS) shall be in accordance with fundamental
    democratic and corporate values of the alliance.
    (b) All citizens who are literate shall take part in political activities.
    (c) All citizens have the right to vote.

    PART B


    1. The alliance is directed under the supervision of CEO .

    2. The alliance bank shall be vested on the hands of the CEO.

    3. All financial matters may be proceeded only after the concern from CEO.

    5. Election shall function under the control of the CEO.

    6. CEO can propose foreign deals, for the welfare of member nations.

    PART C


    1. The CCO, will be helping the CEO to govern the Honeycomb Services (HS).

    2. The CCO of the Council should secure and maintain majority of the support in Board of Directors .

    3. The CCO will have all the rights as head of Board of Directors to develop and plan for the betterment of alliance.

    4. The CCO has the right to propose the CEO about financial and all such matters.

    PART D


    1. The legislative power of Honeycomb Services (HS) is vested in THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS, which has the

    legislative authority in and over the alliance, shall have full power to make laws for the peace, order and good

    government of the alliance.

    2. THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS shall consist of members, whom will/should be directly elected by the member nations.

    3. There shall be a minimum of 4 seats in the THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS.

    4. The legislative power of THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS can be executed in matters of Internal affairs, Defense

    department, Education department, department of propaganda.

    PART E


    1. THE EXECUTIVE BOARD consists of group of COMMERCIAL OFFICERS of Honeycomb Services (HS), who help the THE CHIEF COMMERCIAL OFFICER in governing the Honeycomb Services (HS).

    2. They are selected by the CCO.

    3. They form the executive branch of the alliance.

    PART F


    1. BOARD OF JUSTICE of Honeycomb Services (HS) is headed by Chief Justice of Honeycomb Services (HS).

    2. The Chief Justice is appointed by the CEO on recommendation of Board of Directors.

    3. Impeachment of Directors of Board or CCO of the Board of Directors can be started by

    any members under the approval of all CEO .

    4. Chief Justice of Honeycomb Services (HS) can be impeached by the Council, the motion shall

    start with the approval of the CEO.

    PART G


    a) All changes in the rules of Honeycomb Services (HS) may be based on its vales.

    b) Any laws requires a majority support from the board of directors,a signature of President and Signatures of CEO/s.

    c) Constitutional amendments must be approved CEO/s well before presented to Board of directors.

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